MXFserver YouTube tour A typical YouTube video taking you through working with MXFserver at a post-house in The Netherlands. 5 minute tour. Collaborative network editing software. Work natively in Avid, Final Cut Pro & Adobe Premiere. Single storage solution on virtual files. Open (My)SQL database, API and XML controls. Project Management, shared projects and locking. Archiving to LTO-5 directly or XenData. Windows and Apple versions.    AVID is a trademark of Avid Technologies Apple and FCP are trademarks of Apple in the U.S. Adobe and Premiere are trademarks of Adobe Omneon and MediaGrid are trademarks of Harmonic Omneon is a trademark of FilmPartners BV Adobe U.S. Road Show CS6 with MXFserver training New York,  June 5 Washington D.C.  June 11 Los Angeles,  June 30 European tour of MXFserver and Adobe CS6 training Munich Germany,  June 15 Hilversum Holland, June 27&28 Paris France, July 4th 27 & 28 juni Studio 22 MediaPark H’sum Click hier voor informatie & aanmelding. June 19 - 25 MXFserver at Broadcast Asia Singapore